4 of the Oldest Boxing World Champions in History

Considering the fitness required and physical punishment endured in the sport of boxing, it is often assumed that it is a young man’s game – and in most cases that certainly is true. There are some extraordinary individuals however, who have managed to take their place at the very top of the sport and become world champions at points much later in their lives. The following four fighters are amongst the oldest ever to have captured (rather than retained) a world title and their ages might just shock you.

4. Bob Fitzsimmons – 40 Years and 182 Days Old

Bob Fitzsimmons

The Cornish born fighter Bob Fitzsimmons represented New Zealand at professional level and his adopted home would have been proud to have him thanks to his impressive professional record of 63 victories (59 by KO), eight losses, four draws and seven no contests in 82 bouts.

Arguably his most notable achievement in that glittering career came after the former heavyweight champion stepped down to the light heavyweight division in his later years. That weight change led to Fitzsimmons facing Irish fighter George Gardner for the title in San Francisco on the 25th November 1903, and saw the ‘Freckled Wonder’ take the belt aged 40 years and 182 days.