The 4 Shortest Title Reigns in Boxing History

Reaching the pinnacle of any sport and becoming a world champion takes years of dedication, hard work and no little skill, and that is certainly true of boxing. Sometimes however, those fighters who have succeeded in capturing an all-important world title haven’t been able to enjoy it for very long thanks to the next aspiring champion emerging in no time at all.

What follows is a countdown of the four shortest title reigns in boxing history, where the champion has both won and lost their belt in the ring rather than by relinquishment or retirement.

4. Eduardo Ray Marquez, WBO Straw-weight Title – 36 Days

The first champion to hold the dubious distinction of having enjoyed one of the four shortest title reigns in history is Nicaraguan Eduardo Ray Marquez who managed to keep hold of his WBO Straw-weight belt for just 36 days in 2003.

Marquez won the title from Spanish champion Jorge Mata on the 28th March 2003, thanks to a knockout in the eleventh round and then went on to attempt his first title defence just 36 days later on the 3rd May.
That fight against Puerto Rican Ivan Calderon, which was held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, saw Marques knocked down in the sixth round and was stopped in the ninth thanks to a deep cut above the champion’s eye.