The 4 Shortest Title Reigns in Boxing History

3. Tony Canzoneri, World Light Welterweight Title – 33 Days

In the 1930’s, American boxer Tony Canzoneri managed to hold his World Light Welterweight Belt for a full 72 hours less than Marquez, with his reign between the 21st May and the 23rd June coming in at a modest 33 days in length.

Canzoneri added the light welterweight title to the lightweight belt which he already held when he defeated Battling Shaw on the 21st May by unanimous decision but then lost both championships in a fight with Barney Ross just over a month later.

That fight was decided by split decision and was described as having been ‘razor-sharp close’ but that would have been of scant consolation for Canzoneri who also went on to lose a rematch with Ross by a similarly tight margin.