Top 5 Fastest Knockouts in Professional Boxing

A professional boxing bout needs months of painstaking training, dedication and preparation from each fighter so that they both enter the ring at the peak of fitness and form. Sometimes however, the pugilist who hits the deck must wonder whether it was all worth it. That was certainly the case for the fighters who were left floored by the following five fastest knockouts delivered in professional boxing history.

5. Daniel Jimenez Vs Harald Geier, 1994 – 17 Seconds

For their WBO Super Bantamweight title fight in 1994, Puerto Rican champion Daniel Jimenez allowed his Challenger Harald Geier home advantage in Austria but that was where his generosity definitively ended.

The previously unbeaten Austrian was floored by the first and only punch thrown in the whole bout and Jimenez retained his belt in a matter of only 17 seconds according to the official timekeepers.