What’s next for Mayweather and Pacquiao?

The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight was proclaimed to be the biggest contest in the history of boxing. It was certainly the richest but now the dust has settled, what’s next for both fighters?

Mayweather, who came out on top in the fight, will surely be aiming for one more, big pay-day, prior to his retirement. Finishing his career with an undefeated record will also be high on the agenda and this may be reflected in his choice of opponent. However, having defeated the man he was supposedly running away from for so long, there can’t much out there that Mayweather will fear.

A re-match with Pacquiao has been mentioned many times but the Filipino has been struggling with a shoulder injury and this may be enough to stop him from fighting again in 2015. One name that has been strongly linked as Mayweather’s next opponent, is Amir Khan. Whether this is a lot of self publicity from the Kahn camp is unclear but an unconvincing performance in his last fight, will cast doubts on any potential meeting with Mayweather.

Another name that has emerged recently, as being Mayweather’s final opponent, is Keith Thurman. If Thurman can come out of his bout with Luis Collazo in July with a convincing win, he could push his name to the front of the queue. However, Mayweather will want to finish with a fight that draws huge attention and ultimately a big final pay-off, therefore a British or even Mexican opponent could be the way the American decides to go.

Mayweather’s opponent in the ‘fight of the century’, Manny Pacquiao, came out of the contest nursing a shoulder injury. This has put pay to a possible second chance at Mayweather but even if the Pacquiao camp were leaning that way, the Filipino would have to prove himself again first.

The priority for Pacquiao will be to get get 100% fit and then start looking at potential opponents from there. If Amir Khan fails to get his shot at Mayweather, then a fight with Pacquiao could be a possibility later in the year or in early 2016. That being said, the promoters are sure to have plenty of influence on what happens in the future.

At this stage, it’s unclear what lies in store for both Mayweather and Pacquiao. We can expect to see Mayweather back in the ring, for possibly the final time, later in the year. The name of the opponent, well that remains a mystery for now. As far as Pacquiao is concerned, the road back in to the ring is going to be much longer and it may be some time before we see the Filipino back in action.